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The Argentum line marks an evolution at VR Cables towards excellence, seeking even more noble materials and connectors. We invite you to delight yourself with precise, extensive auditions, with a lot of texture and body, without giving up the correct timbre. Beauty and performance — welcome to the Argentum range.


A work of art, this cable with 6 Teflon insulated 24 AWG conductors twisted around a nylon core also takes advantage of the perfect combination of copper and silver. Be amazed by the crystal-clear detailing and impactful bass and sub-bass that this cable presents. Silver-plated Vampire connectors close the set in style.



Blending ultra-high purity copper with a layer of silver in both the Teflon-insulated 22 AWG signal conductors and the braid, this cable combines the quickness and detail of silver with the sweetness and depth of copper. All this is delivered using beautiful silver-plated Cardas plugs.



Somewhat underappreciated, the high-quality USB connection is essential for enjoyable, musical listening. The USB cable from the Argentum line, made of pure silver with Teflon insulation, does this job masterfully, delivering a pure signal, with low jitter, to be processed and finally transformed into music.

A E S / E B U

This digital communication protocol provides greater definition and extension. The AES/EBU cable from the Argentum line was designed so that you can take advantage of everything that this connection can offer you. Like the USB cable, it also uses pure silver conductors and Teflon insulation so you get the best possible resolution to an incredible extent, reaching extremes you haven't experienced before on your system. Silver-plated Vampire connectors close the set in style.

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