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Virtual Reality
High-End Cables

Innovating the way you listen to music.

The absolute sound...

A concept pursued by all audiophiles. The constant search for the live concert, right there in your living room. How could that be possible?
How to synthesize an entire orchestra, with dozens of instruments and voices, in a room with only two speakers? 

And how to make speakers create a sound with a three-dimensional effect, with height, width, and depth? To make someone feel, see, and hear something that doesn't exist, but that our senses swear is real...

We at Virtual Reality – High-End Cables want to make our contribution to this constant and infinite quest, providing audio cables that contribute to our customers having this feeling of expanded and improved, and that improvement can be constant.


Try listening to what is not tangible...

Meet Virtual Reality.

Quality of experience

From the first contact to the moment of listening to a song. 


For the purest and most legitimate sound.


Produce equipment that makes the unreal, the intangible, the non-existent real...

We are proud to impact and innovate the musical experiences of over 500 people.

"Poderia resumir sua performance no grau de organização que ele imprimiu ao acontecimento musical, fazendo-o de forma harmoniosa, sem colocar luz ou energia demasiada onde não há. Tornando as audições confortáveis e com um grau de detalhamento e transparência, sem desviar nossa atenção do todo."

Review do cabo Bolt Trançado, na revista Audio Video Magazine.

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Cables of high purity, high durability and specific for each functionality. 

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